Sorry I missed This

Some of those sound quite interesting. I think I would have liked to heard "WERE AMMONITES REALLY LACKING AN INK SAC?" and "THE ORIGIN OF AMMONOID LOCOMOTION" partially because the titles were in plain English! Any topic that may shed light on the soft-bodied ammonite form would be worth listening to.

Also sounding good was "BACULITES JAWS FROM THE CAMPANIAN (LATE CRETACEOUS)" as it would be quite interesting to see the extent of similarity of jaw structure to the modern octopus and squid in these peculiar ammonite forms. Also "DISCOVERY OF COLEOID JAWS FROM THE UPPER CRETACEOUS OF HOKKAIDO, JAPAN AND THEIR PALEOBIOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS" may have covered the jaws of Provampyoteuthis in detail that was mentioned in our Vampire and the Plesiosaur thread.

Thanks, as ever, Kevin!

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