Some very sad news


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
It seems like just yesterday that I was posting a Smedley update, and now I am writing to tell you about his death. I got home from work yesterday, and he had died sometimeduring the day. I tested the water immediately, but it was fine. We never knew how old he was, but we had him for almost two months. It just isn't long enough. When we first started researching octos and decided we wanted to get one, I knew this day would come and thought that I would be okay with it, knowing that the life span is not that long to begin with. I'm really not. It's almost like part of my family has died. My husband and I are beside ourselves. I gave him a proper funeral. We live on an Intercoastal Waterway, so I put him back into the ocean. I teach 6th grade, and had to break the news to my students today. They were as upset as me. He was a really cool octo. I'm glad that we had him. The enjoyment that we got out of him is almost worth this. I am so glad we got such a great octo for our first one.

On a happier note, Alice is doing well. As you may have read, she is an Atlantic Pygmy Octopus. Her scientific name is Octopus joudini or something like that. I just looked it up, and forgot it already. We know that she is at least 6 months old, so this day is coming again soon. She LOVES my husband, and seems to tolerate me, but it was the same with Smedley. He loved me, and knew my husband fed him. I now wish that I had been more comfortable interacting with him in the tank earlier. I wasn't sure how he would react, so went REALLY slow.
We are looking for another bimac. I wish I knew of a place that tank raises octos. That way, we wouold know how old our little one would be.
Thank you for listening to me babble. There are not that many people who understand how easy it is to bond with an octopus.
Beth, Tim and Alice and in our hearts always, Smedley
I am so sorry to hear about Smedley. Wonder what happened. As far as tank raised, I believe Fish Supply has them, which is where alot of our baby bimacs have come from. Ink came from there and also Lil Pumpkin.

Yes, very sad news. I'm sorry to hear this.

Good luck for the future.
Hi Beth,

So sorry to hear about Smedley - I enjoyed your reports about him. You provided a very good home for a little octopus and I know you must miss him.

Alice must be some comfort to you, and she seems like fun. O. joubini is listed in my Cephalopods: A World Guide as the Small-egg Caribbean Pygmy Octopus. It lives on sand and mud substgrates at a depth of less than 10 m. It also says that O. joubini is a reddish orange color and has pale bands across its web and arms. Does this sound like Alice?

Hope you will get another baby bimac evenually.

All the best,
Yes, that would be Alice. She is a very feirce liitle octo. She is actually an almost maroon color. So cute. IT is funny to watch the differences between her and Smedley. He would shange colors drastically, but she is more subdued. Tim and I had discussed waiting a little while before we get a new bimac, but I went on Fish Supply, and I think it will be more like waiting a week or so. Do we need to do a complete water change before introducing a new octo? I don't know if they give off anything into the water when they die, or will a 20% be alright. What does everyone think.
I think that you should do at least 50%, good chance to get rid of any wastes that have built up over the months, id give the substarte a good stir up...

make sure and test for copper

what water parameters did you test? pperhaps we can find a clue?
Sorry to hear about this :cry: If you are going to get another bimac, I would HIGHLY suggest the guys at octopets. I got my baby from them, They can tell you how old they are and they are tank raised. They have a website now They have the best customer service, They have called me twice to see how my octo is doing.
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