Some Smedley Pictures


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
Here are some pictures of Smedley. I must say, Tim and I had a scare last night. We got home pretty late, and the light was off in the tank. I saw Lucky (the little Damsel that has resided with Smedley for a couple of months) was floating on the surface. We opened the tank to get her out, and she dropped. Couldn't find her at all last night. I checked this morning and still no Lucky. Smedley, on the other hand was burrowed under a rock sleeping. We sat down to have our coffee and Lucky popped out of a cave. YEAH!!!! I'm really glad Smedley didn't eat Lucky. I know that he still might, but they seem to get along. They stay in opposite sides of the tank. Lucky was given as food while Smedley was in the LFS, but he hasn't eaten her. Anyway, here are some pictures.
Smedley is a fine looking octopus. Can't remember whether we've asked this before, but do you know what species he is? Is he a bimac?


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