some good pics of ahabs eggs

Feb 24, 2005
well take a look at these


  • conv_302591.jpg
    322.5 KB · Views: 92
im so sorry joe. lets just hope that one (or more!) of the eggs hatches and yealds an octopus... as for the den i dont no owever i would think that you would make a small hole and put some food in there HOWEVER ASK A PRO BEFORE DOING IT! octos dont take to kindly to messing with their dens so....

I would continue to offer, but I'm not sure about disturbing her den if it's completely closed off. Just be vigilant if she doesn't eat so you don't have water issues. Ink did continue to eat. I would put food by her den and she would move the "door" by herself and take what I offered.

yeah ^ agreed it could be that the den is closed off for a reason.
the thing though is if the ahab cant see the food how will she know it is there?


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