Some fabulous models from Austria

Mizu;79661 said:
thats not what i was thinking when you said "Model"

Erich, you blew my chance to respond to this with "you were expecting something more like this" and linking to a picture of a scantily clad dancer with an ammonite for a head. I thought for certain it could be found on, but no... the closest I got was fish heads... Is it easier to get sexy models to wear bat heads
than ammonite headgear?
Yes, Monty. The prototype Ammonite headdresses were rather ungainly and badly-balanced - I think Rabid Squid can vouch for that - and any further use of prehistoric cephs in future shows might be more along marrionette lines. Sorry if you got led astray!

I was afraid our dancers might fall over backwards and break something with those on, particularly if they'd had anything to drink...:beer: :glass: :heteromor :ammonite:

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