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So Far so Good!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
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Nov 20, 2002
Well,,,,, :biggrin2:

We are approaching the 3 month mark!!!! I meant to ask what is the life expectancy of this kind??? Some people have said the Pacific can live years, but I always thought all were a year, if so, do they grow that large in a year???

Hermin survived the ink thing, which I still can't believe. He is such a pig. Still eats daily. I need to figure out another choice of a menu cause I think he gets tired of things after a while. He had quite a few fiddler crabs and hermit crabs living in his tank, but I've noticed they've been disapearing.

Question for everyone - How are all the new octopus owners doing???? We had quite a few on the old board. Would love to hear!!!

Well done!

I think that depending on what age it was when you got it..... from larvae to death may be about a year or 18months.... depends on how hot the water is and how much it is fed. They live longer in cooler water temps...

yeah, how are all the other octo owners?

Well, indeed, so far so good!

Gollum (as he has been christened) is enjoying my tank enormously. He was labelled as an O. mercatoris but I think Colin is more likely right that he is cf. bocki. Very tiny, somewhere between one and two inches.

I had some initial concern with his behavior--he chose an odd hiding place against the glass and seemed not to eat, nor to leave his place. After a bit more than a week, however, he relocated. Since then, I've found that he's relocated several times, hiding in the myriad little holes in my live rock. I'm lucky if I see him a couple times a week...I generally play a weekly game of "find the octo." I find him, then the next day he's gone and I spend a week trying to spot him again! :biggrin2: He's very, very timid and nocturnal, and I have yet to actually see him moving.

Given the difficulty of feeding him frozen food by "hand" thanks to his timidity and tendency to hide, plus his smaller food needs, I've gotten away quite nicely so far with feeding him blue-leg hermits. He started devouring the first few I had in the tank as experimental meals--he'd stash their shells in a hole in my rock! Hehe. So I've stocked up on a lot of blue legs...we'll see how quickly he goes through those. I'm also looking into getting some amphipods.

True, I'm mildly disappointed in getting an octo I can barely find. I wouldn't generally recommend this species if this is typical behavior. But still, this plucky little guy's found a spot in my heart, and hunting for him has become a fun game! :biggrin2:

How are others doing?

:biggrin2: So glad Gollum is doing well! Hope to hear from others too!!!

Well.....Hermin has about 6 new fans. Yesterday, we spent a good part of the day in front of his tank. My sistor now knows why I've been obsessed with these creatures for years! She still thinks I'm crazy but not for continuely trying octopi even after deaths!

You should have heard the comments! Hermin hung out on the front of his barnicle watching everyone, flashing colors. Someone asked do they see colors? I think he definately knew strange faces were watching him! He finally slunk off the barnecle, his eye kept popping up all over his tank, seeing if the crowd was still there! He finally made his way to the front of the tank, and started his usual pacing! I swear he knows who I am, even my daughtor! Anyway it was quite amazing for everyone!!!

Hi Carol,

Hermin seems like a very outgoing, sociable little octopus! Thanks for telling us about your experiences with him - we all enjoy reading the latest. I would have expected Hermin to be more shy with strangers, but he turned out to be a real performer.

:? Hey Colin or Nancy!!!

As I've been reading posts, I have acouple of questions.

First, I noticed wooden airstones have been mentioned. Why are they recommended over the normal blue/white ones.

Second - Someone mentioned lifespan being related to amount of feedings. Hermin can eat daily! Am I overfeeding??

Third - The airpump issue of possible metal being in the pump. Is this hazardous? Never thought the metal of the pump could be in the air and cause a threat???


Hi Carol :smile:

As far as airstones are concerned, the wooden ones give off a very fine stream of many bubbles and help aggitate the water's surface much more than a traditional airstone. Im not sure if i totally trust those multicolour stones anyway??? :P

I feed my bimac every second day. They are opportunistic feederes that would not eat everyday in the wild. By cutting down on feeds to every 2nd day you should be incresing the lifespan slightly. Also keeping at a lower temp is better. An octo at 68 will live longer than one at 75degF

As long as the airpump is stated as safe for marine use it will be fine, avoid pond pumps as they can rust in seawater!!! I have seen that firsthand in a LFS!

hope all is well
Thanks Colin!

And things are going very well. As I type, Hermin is happily chowing down on a local green crab, the local bait shop gave me where he's now gaining fans! The owner of the shop used to own Tropaquarium which has been around here for years and I believe was associated with a local fish magazine, TFH. Anyway, they supplied me with quite a few meals in return for pictures. Got quite a conversation going with the fisherman there. People are sooo amazed these animals can be kept and how personable they can be!

Anyway, back to the airpump. The ones that don't come in contact with the water. Are metals an issue??? I don't remember if I checked for it being rated for saltwater, and may need to go buy a new one!

May have some more pictures to submit also!!!!

:smile: Carol
Thanks Colin!

I checked out those airpumps and I need one!!!!! Also need to get a better testing kit. What do you recommend? I'm currently using the Wardleys Kits, which I know is not good!!!! If I'm really wondering I take a sample to my local shop. But since I'm ordering some things, should get a decent kit!!

Carol :P
Hi Carol,

I'd be interested in which brands people consider the best for test kits, too.

I have a large kit made by Hagen (Master Test Kit) which has chemicals and test tubes for eight different tests, not all of them absolutely necessary. But it's very well organized and easy to use, and if you loved your chemistry set as a kid, you'll love this kit! The results for all but one test correspond exactly to the ones from my LFS.

I've had trouble with the pH test included in this kit, and ended up buying a Tetra kit for pH, which also gave the same readings that my LFS's tests did.

I started typing my own experience with test kits, but then I wondered, should that be a separate thread? We'd perhaps get more people's reviews/experiences that way.

Hi Rusty,

You're right, good idea! - we who participate in this message board have always had the habit of changing topics in the middle of the thread! Let's start a new one and people can tell us their experiences with test kits - I set this up under Tank Setup and Maintenance, where it seems to fit better. See you there!

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