Smedley Update


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
It has been awhile since we have last visited the site. Lot's of things have happened in the past few weeks. First and foremost, we have enlarged our family. We now have an Atlantic Pygmy octo named Alice. She is in a 25 gallon tank, and is extremely fierce. She is taking down shrimp that are as big as her. She doesn't seem to like me, but loves my husband. We had our 25 gallon cycling. We were planning on doing a small reef tank. It had been up and running for a couple of months, and when we went in to buy some coral, there Alice was. We brought her home a few weeks ago and she is doing great. She hides a lot, but I guess this is regular octo behavior. We have been spoiled becasue of Smedley.
Speaking of which, a few things have happened with him. We have been getting very close with Smeddles. He like to play tag. I put my fingers into the tank, to see what he would do. After looking at them, and then going around them, he reached out and wrapped an arm around my finger, then went to the back of the tank. He came back a few minutes later and did the same thing. We have gotten to the point that everyday, when I get home from work, I will put my fingers, or sometimes whole hand, in the tank, and Smedly will come and rub himself against me. He has gotten to the point that when I come home, he will dart up to the top of his tank and wait. He is so great. We have had him for almost 2 months, but it seems like he has always been with us. I know the sad day will come, but we can't think about that right now.
Thanks for listening to me babble, but he is SO COOL
Beth, Tim, Smedley and Alice
Hello Beth (and Tim and Smedley and Alice!)

Thanks for the update, please keep them coming! I don't think anyone else has had an Atlantic Pygmy octo - when I look up this name, I don't find it, so perhaps it has another name, too. Do you know the species name? Anyway, would be nice if you could post a pic.

As for Smeddles, you're doing the right thing in getting him used to your fingers and hands as soon as possible. Ollie got so that she loved to be touched, and would come up to the surface so that I could rub her mantle below her eyes. Sometimes she'd want me to do this 10 or 15 times a day!

Thanks for telling us about your Alice and Smedley!


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