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Sick cuttlefish


Dec 22, 2004
I woke up this morning to find a very sick Chubbs. He's maintaining a pale white color, will not accept food and avoids swimming under his own power. He drifts through the tank on the current until he finds his way into a stable spot. I put in a big piece of algae and helped him grab onto it.

Tank parameters are all pretty much normal. No ammonia or nitrite, trace of nitrate. Temperature is currently 78 degrees, SG 1.026, pH slightly low at 8.1. His tank mate Checkers shows no sign of trouble.

Chubbs is the larger, stronger cuttlefish. He didn't eat his frozen food last night and was too sick to even notice live food this morning. He shows no sign of any injury.

Any ideas?

marinebio_guy;80648 said:
It could be old age. Whenever I've seen a cuttlefish float at the surface and not accept food they will usually die shortly after.

He's not floating at the surface, but seems to be neutrally buoyant. He's about 5 months old. If this is old age I'm disappointed because I expected a little more time with them!

I just got back from my LFS who confirmed with their expensive test kits that my water is pristine.

Some indications of old age are loss of the ability to regulate bouyancy, they sometimes also let there tenticles and arms hang down. Anyway, if all of your parameters are ok it will be hard to determine what it could be . Often when cuttle are starved they will float not that I'm saying yours is its just the only other thing that could cause bouyancy problems. Six months is a little on the short end as far as life span but it could be possible.
RIP Chubbs


We buried him in the yard.
sorry to hear that...

Ive had this happen a couple of times and never found an explanation for it. Its very frustrating to attempt to keep such a controleld environment and have something like this occur where you cannot determine the cause.
Sorry to hear about it.

Get used to it everyone, its that time of year. Many of the cuttles owned by people on TONMO were hatched around the same time, so they will prolly go out around the same time.

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