Shrimp in tank?


Aug 9, 2004
If I was to keep 10-20 shrimp of in my octo tank, just to help it stay a little cleaner, would my guy just eat and kill them all right away or would he eat them as he was hungry?

I'd like to keep that tank stocked at all times unless he is going to just kill them all and not even eat them. I am not trying to cause ammonia :frown:
First of all, I don't think your octopus is old enough to catch shrimp yet.

When he does learn to catch them, he will catch them and eat them - no worry about any wasted shrimp. Shimp is high on the list of food octos love, maybe right under crabs.

Probably at first he'd he'd catch a few at a time. As an adult, he might make more of a meal of them.

Make sure you feed your little guy well - I was noticing that he's only about two months old. You should proably offer food several times a day.

That's pretty good for such a young octo! What kind of shrimp are these (where did you get them?)

He ate the shrimp, didn't he, rather than just killing them?

Yes, he ate them, I think he may have already got a 3rd. They are the shrimp from George in Nevada. Common name Pacific White Shrimp. He Set me up with a variety of sizes, but I have only fed the larger ones so far.

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