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Should I attempt to breed my cuttefish?


Blue Ring
Apr 23, 2003
Hi there!

I have Trusty for more than 4 months. He/she is a S. Latimanus I think and is about 10-12cm long in ML now. Lately I've been thinking if I should try to find him/her a mate, you know..for reasons like its such a beautiful creature but such short live span n hoping that his/her legacy would live on n stuffs like that....

Couples of worries i have :goofysca:

:?: Trusty still too juvenile to mate?
:?: Can't sex them. Get a few n let maths work it out?
:?: May not get the same size. Too big or too small n they will gobble each other up.
:?: Trusty turns out to be male. Fight and injure and die.

Really, the last thing I want is to loose Trusty.

Any opinion would be most welcome :talker:

All of you points are valid and i have to say that with my experiences the way they turned out i would order 10 small latimanus and grow them up in a huge tank/pond and let nature take its course...

at 12cm long they are too small to sex

i'd be very concerned about adding any new cuttles to meet Trusty

Thanks Colin,

Guess I'll leave thing be then. Trusty has a seahorse as companion, so I hope it wouldn't be too bored. They always hang around together.

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