Setting up For A Bimac

Zeus Zoso

Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2006
Okay, here's the plan-

I got a 55g and that is going to start cycling tomorrow. Since I am getting the octo wednesday, I needed an alternate solution for a month or it is:

15g Glass
HOB filter
5 lbs of LR
5 lbs of ls
10 gallons of water from established tank

I am going to use rock from my tank, sand from my tank, and water from my tank, so it is esentially like making a smaller tank to hold the octo while the REAL tank cycles and prepares for its octo. The octo should be fine in the 15g for a month or two, and I have an extra 25 I need to fix if I need to transfer. I am getting semi-cured LR for the 55g, so it needs to do its thing for now, cycling and all. The 55g is staying around 70 at night, and 72 during the day so its all good. LMK what you think, and sorry for being a jerk before and not listening.
While I am no expert and I haven't got one myself I have been reading all the posts here I think your setup needs some improvments

15g might be way too small, I don't think a HOB can handle the waste produced and all the working sets ups I have read about here use a Skimmer also.

But its just my two cents.

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