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Serpent starfish


O. vulgaris
Jan 2, 2004
I know brittle stars are ok for an octopus tank, but what about Serpent Stars? Would a rather large serpent be safe to have with a baby bimac?


By the way, Is anyone else having a problem with smilies? They aren't working for me.
MIne chased Pudge out of his den so I got rid of it, then I recently bought another piece of rock and it had another in it, and it is destroying my plants so I am trying to get it out, anyone know how?

Do you have "Disable Smilies in this post" checked at the box thing at the bottom of the post thingy?
from experience, dont put serpents in with small bimacs as they chase them and steal their food, but once the octo is bigger or same size as star its okay.. they soon learn to follow octo about to get scraps
What about a feather star? Have one in my reef and love them, so beatiful and placid. Would they be a concern?

Is there a octo friendly inhabitants list some where?? Preferable for a bimac, or atleast species oriented?

If not maybe a good idea.
Thanks guys, I'll move the starfish to my 125g reef.

Nick, the "disable smilies" button is not checked, I don't know what's wrong. This has occurred a few times before. :bugout:

Well, looks like they're working today! :oops:

Spring :smile:

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