Sepioteuthis, starting again

Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
Well, we went for a wee dive yesterday, to collect a few squid eggs (near-mid-winter spawning for Sepioteuthis australis in NZ waters).

First time I'd been in the water in near a decade (my best mate, buddy diver, had died about a decade ago, not in the water, but all the same I hadn't wanted to go back in).

That TTF lady, Tintenfisch, aka Kat, finally convinced me twaz time to pull head in and get back out again, so with new gear I jumped back in. Twaz as if I'd never been away.

What a day (a little bumpy and wet on the way back; we're definitely in the lee of an island when that shot was taken). LOTS of eggs, everywhere, and in 5-or-so weeks we'll be swimming in squid.

That thar be the smiling faces of Kevin Tilbrook (Dr) and Lady TTF in one of the shots (with booty), Kat slipping into [or out of] a wetsuit, with Kev in the back and a positively eveeeeel chappy called Nik on the left (also at Kelly Tarlton's, a jolly good diver, neat bloke and fisherman extraordinaire). I'm taking the pic (hence invisible).



SQUIDCAM is coming, to a site near you .... and soon, very soon! You'll be able to follow the progress of this latest batch of eggs, and hopefully, imminent (a week or so) the paralarvae, LIVE.
Rock on Herr Doktor!!! That is way cool...can hardly wait...
On a side note, feel your hesitancy on getting into the water...after being badly stung by a stingray and a friend of my sister's dying in a diving accident at the same time, it took a looooooonnng time before I went back in too...glad you conquered that fear!
"you are a better man than I , Gunga Din..."
We have a squid!! First one hatched this morn - means we'll be inundated in a minute/couple of days. Off to grab some pics.

SQUIDCAM has had to be delayed for a week - the old whale stranding caught me offguard, but I set the tank up yesterday, and now the camera is being installed.

Secret dates .... unofficial online date 1 October; media release 4 October (NZ dates). I'll post the site address shortly.

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