Sepia Officinalis for 100-120 euro?


Oct 27, 2006
Tomorrow,I am going to ask our national airlines about the cost of the transport of luggages via airplanes to the USA.If all go well and the cost isn't too high,I am thinking about selling them to clients in the USA,for 100-120 euros each.I know that cuttlefish aren't often available in the USA and I want to help you...As for me,I catch them by fishing every weekend.Each cuttlefish is about 7-8cm long(mantle length) and I have succeeded in keeping one in a 2,5 gallon container,equipped with an air stone,for a day.Thus,I'm sure he will be healthy when shipped to the USA.Is anyone interested in buying cuttlefish?
I found that I can send live cuttlefish via airplane to the USA and I would buy them for 120 euros each.But could anyone tell me if it is permitted from the US authorities,to introduce live cuttlefish in the USA?
I have calculated that by selling them at 130 euros each,I would have a little profit.What you mean by saying customs?Is it something extra or is it included in the shipping cost(which I know)?Furthermore,a client will also acquire an acrylic aquarium of 2,5 gallons and a battery air-pump with an air-stone,which is the necessary equipment to keep a cuttlefish alive while shipping via air-cargo.
Sepia officinalis require larges tanks of 100 gallons + to sustain them to adulthood. That's why most cuttle keepers just keep sepia bandensis. Customs would probably check your package. I'm not sure if you mean you are sending your clients a 25 gallon tanks, or 2.5. Either of which is way too small for an adult of this species.
I mean 2,5 gallons and filled only in half with sea water,so as to reduce the weight of the package and the cost of the shipping(much difference).The cuttlefish I catch,are juveniles(7cm long) and so such a container is adequate for keeping them alive during the transportation by air-cargo.I have kept a cuttlefish in such a container for a day and with bad circumstances,temperature at 30*C and the water black from the ink.The cuttlefish was 100% healthy!As for the customs,could I send it as ''a present to my friend in the USA'',in order to avoid further costs?
Yes,eggs would be the best for sale because they are many,so they can be sold to a few customers at once,which means more profit.Furthermore,they could be housed in smaller containers with no extra equipment,reducing my shipping costs.The easiest way I can obtain them is by mating two cuttlefish,Sepia Officinalis,in my new 100gallon aquarium(I haven't built it,yet).Somewhere I have read that cuttlefish can mate,for the first time,at a length of 10cm,so it is not necessary to keep them until they get 45cm long.Anyway,now if anyone is interested in buying 10cm cuttlefish,Sepia Officinalis,for 130 euros(=a few more in dollars),he should send me e-mail,so as to decide the details of the shipment.He must probably go in the near airport to receive the package.
What about the temperature?


sorry to barge in on your thread - I accidentally came across this forum while looking up ammonites. Reading of your plans to ship live cuttlefish I was worried that you hadn't mentioned the temperature, I don't know how hardy cuttlefish are but I do know that the baggage hold of a transatlantic plane does get very cold. Maybe the air pressure might be an issue too.

I would use styrofoam around the equipment,so as to keep things warm.Furthermore,I could use nylon around the package,in order to avoid the potential different air pressure.
Oh, I wouldn't ship them in a tank. Water would get spilled out the top. Ship them in a bag that you get at pet stores to carry fish home in, but triple bag it, and then put it in the insulated box, with soft stuff all around it so it's not tossing and turning when in flight.
I think some shippers when using bags also top off the bag with pure oxygen so that there is more O2 in the sealed part. I suspect many of these things could freak out the airline security people, too, particularly with all the "liquid explosives" over-hype lately: battery powered (pump) electrical stuff, liquids, and pure oxygen are all probably things that make them nervous... You might want to clear it with some supervisor a few days beforehand, so that if the baggage check people overreact, you can have someone for them to call who's had a chance to see the setup in a calmer setting...

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