Seeking Mesonychoteuthis illustration


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 30, 2004
Hi chaps


I'm working on a seas & oceans sticker atlas for kids, and am seeking a good, naturalistic illustration of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. (i.e. looking alive & swimming)

Has anyone seen one?

Ta muchly ;^)
Avast Skood,


Not too many illustrations come to mind; there are a few clinical (profile, plan and detail) drawings to be found in Steve O'Shea's Colossal squid fact sheet, and at TOLWEB's Mesonychoteuthis page.

They're not illustrations, but pages 7 and 8 of the Tentarcticles (Mesonychoteuthis / Colossal Squid) thread in the Physiology & Biology forum feature photos of the lifesize Mesonychoteuthis model produced for a Discovery channel special. Quite startling, especially the photos taken in a dark swimming pool.

Best wishes for your project.

Yours truly,

And it would look a bit like this (from the front), although I've a sneaking suspicion that instead of holding the arms down that it would hold them up.

This image is of Teuthowenia pellucida, a juvenile.


Hi again, chaps
Many thanks for the pointers. The Discovery model is nice :smile:
It may be a helpful if we have to commission anything. ('tho that's unlikely at this stage...)
Thank you Sordes, for that picture (although as you say not "a completely biologically correct illustration") has taught me how to draw a squid better than what I drew before.

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