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SEcond try (shiping)

Aug 15, 2005
i am supposed to recieve another cuttle from rightly soon, i have to complement him on his perfossionalism and helpfulness. this time i will pick the cuttle up from the local fedex location, so that it doesent have to sit in the hot texas sun on one of those trucks. this is my 2nd and last try to get a cuttle via shipping so hopefuly it will ship safely, and survive. i will let you know how it works out. but lastly i would like to thank righty for all the efforts he has made, not just in sending me one of his "babies," but advancing the field in general.
I agree -- after meeting righty at TONMOCON I, I can concur that his interest in advancing the field is genuine and sincere. And by all accounts he is the right person to lead the way! I'm really glad he's a part of this community.
Sir Righty (knighted, you know) has done the impossible for me...talked my wife into having a cuttle tank!!!
There aren't enough praises to sing, enough women to dance in his honour !!!


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