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searching tip ( off topic a bit )


Aug 20, 2003
Hello people,

While reading through some posts today, I noticed a couple of comments of people not being able to find an article on Dr. Wood's site.
As you guys have already taught me so much on a subject I knew little about ( octo keeping and tank setup ) - for which I'm really gratefull !!! - I'd like to contribute a little bit of my "knowledge" ( you may already be aware of it though ).

When you know something is on a specific site, but not where, go to www.google.com and in the search box fill in :

site:www.site.com what_you_are_looking_for

ie site:www.tonmo.com Colin
should give you anything Colin posted, or where people said "Colin" specifically.

Hope this is of help to anyone :smile:

In other news, as I'm no longer working abroad, my aquarium has finally been delivered ( and to say I bought it just around Christmas lol ) and I'll be starting it up soon!!!
I'll post the pics tonight, as I have many questions still :smile:


neptune said:
Good tip for those that do not know that handy lil trick!

Congrats on your tank, and GL in your set-up! :biggrin2:

Thanks Neptune!! I'm posting the pics of the tank ( and my questions :smile: ) in a new thread under Tank setup & maintenance now :smile:



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