Salutations, tonmo-nites!

Jun 8, 2004
Hey, everybody! :wink: I've been absolutely *fascinated* with cephalopods ever since eighth grade, so I am absolutley thrilled to discover that this site exists! Can't wait to explore it all... :biggrin2: Later, fellow ceph-crazed friends! :P

spartacus said:
Fossils & History is best, it's where all the experts hang out.

Hmmmm.....You sure about that?

Hi Claudia!

:welcome: to TONMO. Have fun,

Indeedy, :welcome: to TONMO.

Looks like you have a fan there Phil. I think our dear Spartacus Bellbottom like's 'em dead (less complaints that way eh :heee: )
Hey Claudia!

What sparked your interest in octopuses in 8th grade? Being small, squishy, and good for little else than opening up jars, I was thrown into the family aquarium as a child, and there I spent my formative years, eating shrimp and hiding under live rock. I've never figured out why I like octopuses, but I suspect it has something to do with that :wink:

Steve, Tony, Phil,

Looks like you have a fan there Phil. I think our dear Spartacus Bellbottom like's 'em dead
Sir :oshea: OBE MBE DFC, Phil's a top blerk, dunno where he gets his gen but he always comes up trumps & smelling of ammonia.
Norfolk's not yet on the ceph map so I hunt the dead'uns & watch the big live'uns ont telly with me bird. Though I once met a wee octo living in a Coke bottle in Spain :octopus:
Does that get me into the "honourary" Supporters' Forum ? squeak squeak :heee:

Spartacus, the true experts hang out in the Supporter's Forum, of course
Tony, you're not wrong but like Phil I'm brassic & soon to be receiving the big "E" for services rendered to the petro-chem filtration club, but hey, don't weep on my behalf, I'm off to sunny France with my pot of gold :sly:
to hunt dead cephs & rear llamas.
but I promise to cough $20 as soon as (is that Strine or Kiwi dinero)

Poor Brandon :frown:
Still convinced joining was a smart move Claudia ?
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