Saltwaterfish Octo id help please


Aug 3, 2007
Hello all, meet Barnaby! I think he is a bimac but not sure and figured I would get some help on it. Hope these photos help..but the lights are off to let him acclimate.


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You have really fine sand. Octos from are believed to be Octopus Filosus or Octopus Hummelincki (They are now considered the same species). If you want to search for more info you will get more results if you search for the Caribbean two-spot octopus. Bimacs are from California and these are collected from Florida. Nice looking octo. Watch for problems with his eyes; both my octo and Animal Mother's from SWF had eye problems. I don't know if it's because of the species or because of the holding facility SWF has.
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Yeah, what Shipposhack said.

My second octo from SWF had a "rotten" eye when I got him. It apparently fell out sometime during the first night, 10 days later he was dead, missing eye area was red and mushy. Was going to treat him with tetracycline, but I was hard pressed not to create a more stressful situation than he was already going through. The first one was healthy, but fell prey to a carnivorous starfish who has now been cast into the LFS tank. They were both the same species, and considering Shipposhack and a few others who all got the same species, I would say is pretty consistent with obtaining Filosus/Hummelincki. I prefer Filosus... it just sounds less awkward.

Congratulations! :smile: Best of luck with him/her.
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tyvm animal mother and shipposhack its already facinating watching him, even just the sleeping. I think I read on some posts here that the disposition is prettly close to the same, active during the day as well but how about size and anything else?
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According to, Filosus reach a maximum size of about 15 inches overall, 7cm mantle (approx. 3.5 inches) and arm lengh of 30cm (approx 12 inches).

Yup, very day active, and more or less interactive, varying from individual to individual. My first one was accepting thawed silversides and pieces of raw shrimp from day one, as well as very curious about me as she would grab me and pull my fingers to her, and even come to me when I dangled my fingers in the water. My second one never took any dead foods, and would allow me to touch him, but wouldn't stick to me, he pretty much did his own thing. He would blow water at me anytime I was nearby, so he apparently thought of me as a nuisance. I think his eye issue might have influenced his behavior though.
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LOL, the water blowing is like Monty Pythons "I fart in your general direction!" but anyway, I cant wait for the days I get to sit here with him going forward and trying to interact-- btw, both of his eyes seem fine and open and close per being awake and asleep. Oh, what did shipposhack mean about the sand being fine? is that bad?
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Oh, ok ty-- I just wasnt sure if I missed that or something. I had read b4 about not having too much abrasive substrate in the tank but nothing about being too fine so I just wanted to make sure. It was about 50% live sand, 40% non-live, and 10% those little crushed shells that i mixed into the sand. BTW, here is pics of each eye.. lol he was taking a nap, came out just long enough to catch and eat one of my hermits(2 fiddlers,one shrimp tail, and a hermit first day) then went back in to nap again...


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