SaltBabies! Bandensis cuttlefish


Feb 1, 2019
Tallahassee, FL

I've been doing saltwater off and on for many years. I've started breeding fish and am actually trying to turn it into a business.
One of the creatures we (me and hubby) have been working with is the dwarf cuttlefish. We got eggs in July and they are now large and in charge living in a 30 cube. I"m hoping for eggs soon so I can complete the cycle.
Welcome to TONMO! Glad you are part of the community. Regarding your business - we always welcome new, responsible suppliers. As it relates to these forums, please note we are a no-solicitations website, unless you'd like to sign up for our advertising program or run a dedicated forum, like Aquarium Depot. More information about there can be found here:
I'm working so I'll try to post more later.
Here's a video my husband took of one of them hunting. The fun is at the end.

You can see him start to sway then change color and then you'll see the shrimp move and all the action happens. It's funny because the shrimp is in the picture the whole time. For impatient people start at 1:20

That was from Sept. So they were about 2 months old at the time.

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