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Sad sad day


Jul 8, 2005
Fred, my beloved cuttlefish from Righty died on weds.

i am so sad, he was about 3.5 months old. in the last month or so he has nearly tripled in size.. i think mainly due to feeding him salt water ghost shrimp. i had him in my 90 gallon reef tank which i have had for several years. i was cycling a 20 gallon for him, which i started shortly after gettin him. on SUnday i spent bout an hour or more acculamting him to the new tank and he seemed to do fine. he ate on Monday morning and night. On tuesday he didnt eat. on wednesday he died.......

weird, i cant figure out why, Fred was the terminator, he survived in my big tank when the salinity rose higher then my hyrdometer could register and in turn my Ph dropped to something really low. Fred didnt even seem to notice. it took me 3 days to correct it and fred was chompin on shrimps the whole time.

i can only think that he got stressed in the move or got butt burn and i didnt notice. could be the new tank, but i tested everythhing beforehand and everything looked fine. :cry:

to make matter worse my computer at home is totally spazzin out... i dunno if i can fix it.. i cant even turn it on... (oh wait wrong forum.... :razz:
thanks... i think i am gonna re-do my big tank.. (oops 75 not 90, its 90 with sump) and maybe have several bandensis

we'll see.....
not really.... as i was taking him out of the container he was in while aclumating him he did manage to stick his suckers to the side adn it took and lil to get him off. i put him in a net breeder in the new tank and he seemed to be jetting water around.... but he was stayin in one place and seemed to only blow water at teh sand in the net breeder to spread it out more evenly. like he was arranging the sand.

i did notice on thurs the collection container on my skimmer was pretty full with very dark skimmate.. almost black. looked like when you rinse out carbon... that sort for dusty black mud...

maybe it was just too soon to transfer him.

thanks for all the help

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