Sad News - Bob II RIP


Blue Ring
May 13, 2003
it seems that the wording of my posting about the death of my little octo Bob has somehow made it confusing to some. So, I have revised it to be clearer:

Sadly I must announce that Bob the bimac passed away last night.

I put a rather sizeable crayfish in the tank for Bob to eat, but unfortunately I guess it was too big and unfortunately Bob took on a fight he couldn't handle and the crayfish killed him.

I was mad at the stupid crayfish for eating my little buddy Bob so I fed him to my african tiger fish.

Poor little Bob II. He was a good little octo.

is that better clem?

That's STILL got to be the most horrible thing I've yet heard of on this site.

Perhaps the crayfish was posessed by the ghost of the octo cannibalized by Bob II?

Well. I don't what to say. Bummer.
I haven't met anyone else who has kept Af. tiger fish big is your tiger? I tried keeping a trio together once. Didn't work.
the tiger fish is about 6" he's just a baby. he lives with an 8" delhezi bichir and a big pleco.

as for replacing Bob, my first impulse was to get a new one right away and move on, but I'm going to wait a little bit. I had wanted to move Bob's tank anyhow, so i'll do that first. we'll see. . . .
:twisted: If I were you, i'd take take the crayfish and place it in mildly diluted vinegar, or i'll boil him real slowly :twisted: . That'll show him to mess with cephs :x .
:shock: And I thought I was the only one with a former octopi in the freezer!!!! Hermin resides there still!!! That's a thought for a poll......What does one do with their deceased octo?????

What a thread! :goofysca:

I once had a fridge full of all sorts of feeder animals at work.. stuff like mice rats rabbits G pigs trout smelt etc....

During one winter someone switched off the freezer and i discovered the mistake about a few days later when i opened the freezer and almost broke my own neck when the smell hit me. Then i had to dig a big enough hole for the whole damn lot!
haha. look what i've started!

no i won't be keeping him in the freezer. i'm not exactly hoping for a cure.

actually before i had a chance to remove him, the serpent star took him back into the live rock so i guess he's a permanent part of he food chain in there now.

I'm trying to decide today about a Bob III.

perhaps you're right. maybe that crayfish was just getting even with Bob II for eating Bob I. Geez, and all that in the same year that the Hatfields and the McCoys finally settled their 200 year old fued.

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