Sad news again

Wow, wat a way to go. Similar fate happened to my cichlid 2 years ago. It was clearing sand for its den, n the rock came down on it. Sad.

Sorry to hear about it.
Yes, but you wont need to glue the rocks, just bed them in well and dont have any that are easily moved sitting high up...... dont want the next thread to start, ' a rock slipped and fell through the front of my fish tank...' LOL
I'm so sorry about that joel :cry: these freak accidents are so awful.

I must admit that's why we've cemented all the rocks in the octopus tanks, They're just too destructive for their own good sometimes! It also makes for easier cleaning! The crud can't get under them. we glue the rocks in clumps that are too big for the octopus to move and they slot together a bit like lego (Thats so we can remove them if we need too, for leaks etc) We've done this in both our tanks not just the big one


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