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Mar 15, 2003
I am building a small ship for a commercial (just a backround prop) and since they wanted something non-warlike...we just HAD to build the "research vessel small, Tonmo"....Even has the logo in mural on the side of the bridge...should be done in a day or so...will send in the final pics. It is a real bugger scratch building 1/144 scale rubber launches...but now, I have it down to a science! (figured out a way to use rubber washers from the plumbing section of my nearby Lowe's)...Now, to assemble the masts and rigging...oh boy!
But, of course! I told the agent for the studio that the RVS Tonmo is a dedicated cephalopod research ship, with remote vehicles and twin sets of drift nets...she just nodded, and asked when I was going to have it done, of course! :lol:
Note to self : do NOT attend a bbq with drinks and all on Sunday, all the while forgetting that your styrene winch system is soaking in thinner because you decided to change the colour.
Scratchbuilt winch, anyone? I might as well make two...this piece is nothing but plastic jello now...
Well, of to drop off the finished ship today...will try to get a studio shot also, and let you know what commercial it will be in...last time, they used a sailing ship in a denture cream commercial, so don't get too excited!
:biggrin2: greg
Good swinging boom there to deploy fine-meshed ring nets off the bow (secondarily for loading the puppy with whatever she's carrying in that hold) - keeps the net out of the prop wash .... a major problem we're facing here right now. Next RV needs a stern ramp, swinging gantry and big-honking winches, so dredges and a larger RMT net can be deployed out back.

Hope you get the prop back at the end of it all!
thanks! It is a rehash of a trawler design, made to fit the scope of research...scratch built bits and pieces all...took me about 16 hours to complete.
Yeah, I hope I get it back too...sometimes they come back in chunks though...
Next RV needs a stern ramp, swinging gantry and big-honking winches, so dredges and a larger RMT net can be deployed out back.

gotcha...there is a chance that they may want a larger version...can always make some good changes, right???

That is brilliant, as ever! As the ship is the TONMO I think you should make a small captured Milliput Architeuthis for the deck!

Top notch, old chap!


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