ROV(?) video of squid with hatching egg mass

Surreal..! Not quite sure what I'm actually seeing here though.. Is it actually carrying its bag of eggs around until they hatch? I thought squid usually lay their eggs on the seafloor..?
There are so many different varieties of squid, that their egg-laying is all dependent upon species. Some lay on the bottom, some release a large geltinous egg mass, some obviously care for their young until they're ready to hatch. Truly beautiful creatures.
Amazing. I remember the first time I saw that last year, just took my breath away. It looks like more footage of a brooding Gonatus onyx. Was this the first species of squid to be confirmed as giving parental care to young? What I'm amazed with after watching this video (among other things) is how a squid which is so keenly adapted for a horizontal swimming position is able to maintain what appears to be a vertical position with seeming ease. Lovely!

Theres a bit more information on this behaviour at TolWeb.

Theres something about this footage that is very peaceful and calming. (*inserts ying-yang face, which appears to be missing from TONMO now*) Great find!

I've been watching this over and over and it makes my skin crawl every single time. I have to catch my breath at the end of the video. Wow. How can something be so beautiful and quite eery at the same time?

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