RIP Sir Eric Denton

He, along with J. B. Gilpin-Brown, wrote the paper that I based my thesis on (Denton E. J. & Gilpin-Brown J. B. 1961a. The distribution of gas and liquid within the cuttlebone. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 41: 365-381).

In the 1960s, they analyzed the gas inside a cuttlebone - I refined their findings (and found some errors :oops:) using more advanced equipment (I did my work in the 1990's). They were both amazing scientists.

RIP Sir Denton
Rest In Peace to the man who helped demonstrate buoyancy in ammonites based upon his work in cuttlefish, spirula, and nautilus. A long life very well-lived. May heavenly tentacles waft him to his final reward.
In a tribute of sorts, I encourage the denizens of "Fossils and History" to meander over to "Physiology and Biology" and discuss spirula a bit.

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