Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Got up this morning and he was gone. I can't complain as he really gave us a good 10 months. Got many good pics. So as of now I am octo-less....but hopefully not for long.....I have already put a call in to my favorite LFS in Pa and found out they just sold one yesterday, but took my name and number and will let me know when they get another. This shot was taken the night before he died. The coloring is from the flash.
Wow...what a bummer...but it was a great ten months...lots of good pics, and lots of good memories...


Carol, just saw this thread. I'm sorry to see him go. G2 was one of the all-time great octos (along with Ink). You're one of our star octo-keepers. Keep up the great work.
Sorry from me too Carol

G2 was one of the best octos and most photographed too :smile:
Sorry to hear of G2's passing. You had a long time together. He was one of my favorites with his wonderful textures - we all enjoyed your photos of G2.

RIP G2 :angelpus:


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