RIP Einy

Sep 8, 2006
I was waiting on a shipment of crabs so I got a dozen ghost shrimp yesterday afternoon, and last night saw him just hanging out, between some rocks, rubbing his arms around in a peculiar motion. He showed no interest in the shrimp running around him.
I noticed his mantle was very pale, his breathing seemed labored, and his arms curled tightly when still. I had a feeling it was his time.

Well, when I woke up this morning I turned Einy's red light on and there he was, laying upside down in the front of his home, motionless. :cry:

Now he resides in a small specimen jar of formaldihyde.

Next week I would have had him for 4 whole months. I assume he lived his life expectancy of 6-8 months.
:angelpus: So sorry to hear about Einy. It's never easy no matter how long they're with us. I still have my first Octo (bimac) from years ago in a specimen jar that I just refound last week at my mothers house. As much as it hurts to lose our little buddies, I find that my Octo tank isn't empty for too long....

R.I.P. Einy
I sent a note thanking you for sharing Einey's adventures in April's thread before I saw this one. Einey's journal is something I have enjoyed following. I will miss your critter too.
RIP Einey....Somehow I missed this....I feel the same...While I'm sad when one passes, I want another to continue to experience these unique and amazing creatures....

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