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RIP Creepy

Jan 3, 2007
I came home from work Monday morning and found Creepy dead in the front of his tank.
I had him for about 7 months and I dont know how old he was when I brought him home, I do know he was full grown.
Anyways....Creepy was alot of fun and we all learned and benefited from having him.
He really enjoyed eating his snails despite having crabs each day.
So now I'm going to get a bunch more snails and other cleanup crew members and in a month or so mabey try again.
Hopfully I can find another Aculatus like Creepy.

Thank You All so much for all the great advice and sharing of knowledge and ideas.
I look forward to my next octo and continuing to contribute to this Awsome place.

Dave Ryan
Thanks everyone!!
Ya know....I will try again. But I feel Creepy was a success, so instead of try I plan to succeed again with a new Octo.
Although Creepy will always have a special place in my familys heart.
Thank You Creepy!
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