Oct 16, 2007
I got my octo last thursday... He is from my LFS as there were no briareus available.... unfortunately I have NO idea what kind he is but I am pretty sure he is a pygmy... but he is a "small common brown octopus"... but he is very cool... he likes to eat... and eat.... and eat... and torcher the hermit crabs... there is one that he has been after for days... yesterday he was over it for 2 1/2 hours!!! but the crab is still doing fine... I don't know why he hasn't gotten it... his mantel is about an inch and the crab is in a turbo shell so he should definately be able to get it.... We offered him a fiddler last night but it was kinda big for him and he couldn't kill it and then he got scared... the fiddler died so I will have to get him another one.

I have a question... places that sell "freshwater fiddler crabs" are these different or are fiddler's brackish and they are just putting them in fresh?

But he is doing really good and he is really funny but he doesn't really want anything to do with us but he doesn't seem to mind us looking at him..... when we can find him....lol :wink:
Congrats on your new octo, try and post pics so some of the more experienced people on here can help ID him. I just know pygmies are usually nocturnal, and have large eyes when compared to the mantle size. Do you know where Rigby was collected?
No idea... but as much as he eats who knows.... but i don't think his eyes look big... how do i post pics here...

not the best but here


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i dont think pygmies have eye spots, im not too knowledgeable when it comes to identifying octos. If it came from the Pacific (california) its probably a Bimac, and if its from the Atlantic, it might be a Hummelincki (sp?) but once again, dont go by what i say, i have just entered this hobby so i only know from what i've read on here. Someone more advanced should be a much more reliable source than I.
if hes tank raised thats almost certainly Bimac. They are diurnal and very outgoing (once again this is from reading not actual personal experience). There is an article on here on Bimac care in the article section of Tonmo, it has a lot of useful information.
yeah i thought maybe but they said that "he wouldn't be very big" so i guess we will just see if he grows... but if he was captive bread then they should know what species he is I would think... but tank breed and captive bread are not the same... so who knows
With eyespots you can rule out Mercatoris and Jobini (Caribbean dwarfs). If your LFS doesn't know what species it is, they sure don't know its ultimate size. Also, size is relative, they may mean it won't grow to the size of a GPO and they are most likely correct.

Tank raised is translated to a WC mom who laid and brooded eggs in an aquarium so they should have (or be able to get) a very close idea on age if you bug them about it. However, there are a lot of shipped in critters labled tank raised with no forwarding address :hmm: (you see a lot of this with seahorses and all the "tanks" are somewhere in Asia, generally owned by the US broker's "family"). You might ask the LFS owner to tell you which ocean (they sometimes have that on their order sheet) so that you will have a better idea on required tank temperature. Anything from the Pacific or Mediterranean usually needs cooler temperatures (60's to low 70's) to thrive. Atlantic and Indonesian are typically need warmer water (high 70's). If you can get a clear shot of the eye spots there are several people on Tonmo that should be able to help with an id.
He order the octo for me and before we ordered it we had him call and see what the species was.... but just as liveaquaria or anywhere else they said "it is a common brown octopus"... i just laughed and said order it... I will ask him and see if he can find out where it came from... but i wouldn't be shocked if it came back as "from the ocean"...lol

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