red ring octopus???

bobby a.

Apr 29, 2007
so i was talking with a fish store that is in a city about an hour from where i live and they were telling me they have a distributor that sells captive bread bimacs, an indo pacific octopus a blue ring, and a red ring octopus.... has anyone ever heard of this red ring?? if so can they give me a scientific name where they are found or a picture???
One of my company's distributors also offers the "red ring." Don't take anything the distributor says seriously: they rarely know--nor care--about what type of octopus they're selling!

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haha that is exactly how i feel about the distributors.... but they did say they could get mimic and wonderpus..... so im guessing a different octopus.... but not sure.....
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Googling for Octopus brenice, came accross the Takonos-Jar site, I love this person! All your Ika are belong to us!

The octopus and cuttlefish kind is the one which both the form and the living form differ from
the animal at the other underseaness in completely.
The abdomen doesn't have the eight or 10 legs.It is in front of the head.
This leg is suitable to call an arm because it catches a bait,
it holds a companion in case of copulation and can have a thing, too.
Also, their eyes are very developed.
The cuttlefish swims the earliness which is the same as the fish and the octopus
which crawls on the bottom of the sea is a powerful preying person.

They have a form with non- touch and are greedy.
However, by observing the act in detail, we will be to have strange devotion to them.
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We got one in once at work that one of my coworkers was telling me was a red ring. If I remember right it was collected from Indonesia, and it looked like A. Aculeatus to me. Unfortunately, it inked in the bag and was in very poor shape. It died the next day :(.
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Never heard of a red ring, but if the rings were iridescent like blue-rings then it would sure look cool. wonder if they might be poisonous too?

May cephalopods be bestowed eternal glory!
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