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Nov 20, 2002
Two research papers have been announced on in the last couple of weeks, but we have yet to put them here in this annoucement panel on the home page:

"Mating behavior of Abdopus aculeatus (d’Orbigny 1834) (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) in the wild"

Christine L. Huffard, Roy L. Caldwell, and Farnis Boneka

(Christine Huffard is mucktopus and Roy Caldwell is Neogonodactylus here on the site.)

"An experimental study of the effect of diet on the fatty acid profiles of the European Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis)"

Miriam Fluckiger · George D. Jackson · Peter Nichols ·
Patti Virtue · Adam Daw · Simon Wotherspoon

(Adam Daw is marinebio_guy on Tonmo.)

and (added 5/18)

Occurance of squid in the diet of orange roughy -- Matt Jones ( username: Infusoria)

Maybe we can use this thread as a general pot for interesting papers.
I just found this one:Miserez A, Li Y, Waite JH, Zok F.(2007): "Jumbo squid beaks: inspiration for design of robust organic composites." Acta Biomater; 3(1):139-49.
(I am just at my University, I dont know if it´s free to download; nevertheless the abstract is interesting, too!)

This paper deals with the beaks of giant squids. The researchers go for the question, how a soft invertebrate can handle their hard and sharp beak: They found, that the beak is very hard at the peak and getting softer at the connection to the muscles.

Thanks Major Mess -- the news wires also picked up on this; there's a thread in the Ceph News forum with coverage -- here.
Reuters picked up Mucktopus' and Neogonodactylus' latest:

congrats! :notworth:

Is it just my imagination, or has news reporting about esoteric cephalopod research really been taking off in the popular press? I'm not sure if it was always there, and having octobot bring me the news stories every day has made me notice, or if it's really become more something reporters see as interesting to the general public... either way, I'm not complaining...
I think the former. My mother knew about the 6 legged octo (and I am no spring chicken)!