really random question about a ati radeon 9800 pro

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Feb 24, 2005
for some reason i cant get the tv out to work ive tried everything and was wondering if someone here is a computer genious and could help me out
My old Nvidea card had a TV-out on it. I thought it would be really cool when I bought it but then the first time I hooked it up I realized how lousy TVs really are (its probably better with the new 1080 TVs). Are you hooking it up with the right cables? Don't forget to let Windows know its outputting to a TV. Go to Settings -> Advanced and change your monitor to TV.

Good luck (both in getting it to work and not having anyone complain about posting it!)

yeah did all that and it used to work but now its just blank but i dont know whats going on i guess ill have to call ati on monday
Thread closed as this is wildly off-topic. :mrgreen:

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Good luck just the same joefish84!
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