Questions about squid beaks.


May 23, 2004
Helo to all:

Well, I am new to this forum and I hope some of my questions can be solved. I am geology student and I like very much all about deep sea, I have a little collection of things that I have obtained here in North Chile from the fisheries trawling of prawns, well one of the things I have obtained are beaks that I recoginze are of squids; they measure about 45-55 mm long but they are only the hard prong, some of them are very eroded and marked with scars that seems to be of little gastropods, some of them I found inside one of the beaks, well, the question is:

Which species could correspond with these beaks? and
Which kind of gastropod lives on squid beaks?

Maybe I have not bring sufficient information; these beaks were found on trawl nets at about 900-1000 m depth, off the coasts of Caldera, 27° South latitude in front of the Chile coasts at about 40 milles.
Perhaps anybody ther have discovered similar "beaks" or can tell me which squid species could habit this zone, I am also interested in the fauna of that depths.

Thanks in advance...

Juan Francisco Araya
Hi Francisco. Is there any chance that you could put images of the squid beaks online? 1000 metres seems to be extremely deep for a shrimp/prawn fishery!! Is this a new fishery?

I'll post a few references to papers that look at squid beak fauna, and those that will help you identify the squid beaks themselves. They sound rather large.

There's quite a lot of interest in squid beaks online, so we should be able to help out.
about deep water fauna.


I will answer in this forum; well, I have four squid beaks, just one have two specimens inside of a shell similar to some cocculinia species I think, because I have not found information about deep water shells from my country wiht similar characteristics.
three beaks were recovered from prawn trawl nets at about 900-1000 m off concepcion and the specimen with the shells was recovered off the coasts of Caldera, Chile at about the same depth according to the data I have collected.
I can not take photos of the specimens: I have not camera :-(
But I can send them for examination or exchange for deep-water gastropods or bivalves if interested.
I have gathering gastropods of species like aeneator castillai, fointainei and loisae(and some unidentified) live taken but eroded shells, calliostoma delli(just one specimen), bathybembix macdonaldi, bathybembix humboldti, acesta patagonica(unknow depth, c. 50° SL), columbarium tomicici, ptychosyrinsx chilensis, etc.
also ofiuras(asteronyx sp.), hydrocorals, etc.
all obtained from depths of about 200 to 1000+ m depth in diverse forms, netted, trawled, dredged, etc. some of them I got from another collectors but the main were recovered from prawn nets working off Caldera.
I can detaill more about specific species but I prefer to use e-mail, I will appreciate any information on deep-water fauna from the zone and I would like also to exchange specimens.
About your website I really enjoy with the info you bring, hope we keep found more articles in the future.


Juan Francisco Araya.

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