Sepia elegans
Sep 1, 2004
On Oct. 15 I sent Jim an e-mail about whether or not he would be getting a smaller ceph species, as I had been hearing about such a possibility. On the 18th I checked on here and looked at his profile, and saw a different e-mail address. I forwarded a copy of the message to that address. I have yet to get a response from either address. Is this typical? Or is something wrong with my e-mail?
I s'pose they could be busy.....on vacation...etc We just bought a pedigree puppy, it took the breeder two weeks to answer emails regarding when we could pick him up (and we had to arrange a 6 hour drive to get him.....thats a loooooooong drive in NZ :biggrin2: ) and then it took the breeder 3 weeks to cash the cheque :shock:


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