Processed squid waste

Steve O'Shea said:
.... although this link, from the same site, for 'shark powder' has an image, correct me if I am wrong, of a Great White! That is not good (I know that it will be a generic image of a shark, but it is still sending a poor message)
Indeed a Great White... what's a poorer message is the selling of the almighty shark powder that cures cancer, simply because sharks don't get cancer (a fallacy in itself, see William Lane's 1992 book Sharks Don't Get Cancer :wink: )....According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the evidence so far is inconclusive... there. Nuff' said. Same goes with voodoo magic, ley lines and other hocus pocus ways of figthing diseases... :mad:

I'm pretty sure that powder unblocks drains, makes you loose weight, is a great alternative to sugar and also can prevent terrorist attacks :rolleyes:

Nice, Reeeal nice. And to top it all the image of the product on the website shows "Deep Sea Shark Cartilage"
So it's probably made of dirty dogfishes (after seeing the parasites those buggers can get, i think i'll take cancer any day...). So much for the marketing strategy of being strong and healthy like a Great White *shrugs*
"only selects Shark Species which are not on the endangered list, therefore ensuring sustainability of this potential life saving supplement"
Perfect! just bloomin' perfect! :evil:

As we have a considerable squid fishery here in California, I'm fielding some questions on this subject to companies involved with the industry when I have the time. Nothing concrete to post as of yet, but will be talking to CA Fish and Game in Long Beach tomorrow. Hope I can be of some help!
I'm checking the website of CA Fish and Game, and I found an interesting document: Market Squid Fishery Management Plan (MSFMP) - Final Version. There is a lot of information.

I really enjoy be part of the TONMO group. Is a permanent "brain storm".

Thanks to all
I have just received the following very interesting message. In all honesty I have never given squid 'processed waste' management prior consideration, but it would appear that a solution is required. Is anyone familiar with any use for squid waste? I will direct the person to TONMO so that they may follow this thread.
Greetings from Peru. I’m writing to you in order to ask you an advice.

I was trying to get some information about jumbo squid waste disposal. Here in my country, the fishermen don’t take care with this kind of waste, producing bad odors and thousands of flies. I would appreciate if you can send me any link to look for more information to solve this problem environmentally friendly.

I really appreciate your help.

I have Know-How to utilize Giant Squid Waste (visceras or meat wastes). Please email me at
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