Probably a stupid question

Mar 23, 2005
There was a picture of an incredibly beautiful white octopus...all white, but with slight tonal differences in the white...on the cover of a brochure I got from the National Geographic. It was advertising a lecture about Hawaiian bio. I've spent most of the evening going through cephbase and the gallery here trying to figure out what it is. The closest thing I found were some pictures of a baby bimac, but when I checked in the biogeography database on cephbase, they weren't listed as indigenous. Most pictures I've found of basically white octos show a lot of brown or some other color. I know that all octos change color pretty much at will, so maybe an all white one isn't at all unusual,but would the babies be more likely to not have any other colors showing, or would it depend on the background, or the mood or are there other factors?
Babies can typically show the same range of colours as adults! I wonder if there are any that lack chromatophores or have a decrease in them.

I believe deep water and/or hydro thermal vent octopus can be very pale ......................................?

dont some octos blanche themselves depending on the situation? (sick, trying to startle prey, or maybe something else)
That's another gorgeous octo, but the head's a lot more translucent looking. The picture I saw made me think of lace, the little "color" spots , which were really just a slighty creamier shade of white, were the lace pattern and the sort of nearly transparent webbing was the tulle...Hmmmm, I wonder if I could weave him. I've never done any transparencies, but it sure would be fun to try.

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