Poetry in Octopus species names

Tui Allen

Jun 1, 2019
New Zealand
Very new to Tonmo but have been exploring a bit and found a list of all the octopus species names with all thisidae and thatidae. I wish I knew how to pronounce them but even with my wild guesses at pronunciation, reading them aloud makes a pretty good poem. How evocative are names like Vampyroteuthidae, Nautilidae, and Cycloteuthidae. Does that last one ride a bicycle? I wouldn't be surprised.
:biggrin2: we have some poetry on the site around here somewhere! :mrgreen: Always room for more!

The "idae" portion is basically pronounced "id" (as in the word "skid") and "ay" (as in the word "day").
Since octopuses provide me with endless ideas for stories, I'm tempted to re-arrange the spelling slightly and call them This-idea and That-idea. Might also seek out some other poems and maybe add something.

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