please help id octo

bobby a.

Apr 29, 2007
i dont have a picture yet but i was hoping someone could mabey throw out a couple names so i could look pics up online and compare.

he is white with a few thin black lines on him. the mantil is round not pointed. and it has two small little points right above the eyes almost like eye lashes.
The most useful thing for you to do is to have a look at the List of Our Octopuses at the top of the Journals and Photos Forum, also under Cephalopod Care. There you'll see what species people have been buying recently. There are not a whole lot of different ones. Doesn't sound much like O. bimaculoides.
I'll let you have a lot and then look at the photos.

However, you might tell us a bit more. Does your octopus show heavy textures?
How long is the mantle? Arms? Does it have a lot of webbing between the arms?
Is it active during the day or at other times?

Did the place where you bought it (and please tell us where that was, I like to put that on the List of Our Octopuses) tell you where it came from?

And as soon as possible, post a couple of photos.

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