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May 30, 2000
Um, sorry about all this. :roll: If you're looking at the forum right now (and probably for quite a while today at least) you'll see some very strange formatting. I'm working on optimizing some code, etc., and now have to muscle through some clean-up. It might look strange, but everything is completely functional. Sorry for the inconvenience!
.....I just thought it was me; forgot my password yesterday, tooth fell to pieces, forgetting things, going deaf, tripping on slugs .... thought I was losing the plot.

OMG! :shock: :goofysca: :shock: That was one of the worst things I have ever endured!

That was horrible. Sorry for the state of the site today -- I just undid it all. Definitely got in over my head on that one! Setting up a test server for this message board system is not quite feasible, so I ventured to make some changes to the live site. Ouch! I see my copyright is still floating somewhere in the upper right corner, will address that... might make some tweaks in the coming days, but will not do the coding overhaul I just attempted anytime soon... :bugout:
It's been an eventful week in the life of TONMO, hasn't it? You've presided over the rise and fall of PAKOC, the return of Taningia, Colin's sexy career move, pancake-toting bunnies, narcotic squid and the psychic hijacking of Steve by an entity called "Robert."

What next?


What next?

I shudder to think...

Just when I think you can't pull another (ahem) rabbit out of your hat, you do it again! Very Funny!!! Now Kapoc, or pakic ,or whatever would have a field day with this!
"So sorry gentlemen, but this sort of jocularity is altogether unforthcoming" etc, etc...
No sweat works just fine.
oh come on....the bunny isnt that weird :smile: dont tell me im the only one thats ever used a ceph as cranial decoration......

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:

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