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Playing with Pudge

Aug 6, 2003
Hi all,
Pudge is doing fine, he's just been staying in his shell more, occasionally chasing after a damselfish. He won't take anything but frozen food, I tried hermits, ghost shrimp, and scallops, but he seems to have developed a taste for frozen krill, and when I was feeding the damsels their brine shrimp a few days ago, he took the whole cube from them! I've lost my feeding stick (I have no idea how) so now I have to hand feed Pudge, and the first time he grabbed his food, and inked me! Still no major color changes, the most I've seen is him in his chocolate brown with a white strip down the middle. Here's two pictures of him and me playing tug of war, he just would grab on to the stick and let go of the rock and slowly climbed up the stick. The other picture is of him and the cleaner magnet, and the last one is of him and my starfish.

Sorry that the pictures are huge and will take a while to load.


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Hi Nick,

Nice pics of Pudge - how large is he now?

Get yourself a package of unfinished wooden skewers at the grocery - you can make the tip more pointed if necessary. Two can be lashed together with fish line - then you'll have an unlimited supply of feeding sticks.

So, does Pudge's false eye ring look like Ollie's(see attached pic)- an unbroken chain? If he's a bimac, it should - thought we should check because of the color changes he's doing.



TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Is this the World's luckiest green chromis? :smile:

Thanks for the pics, as it was downloading a band at a atime across my screen, the algae tuft was looking like don kings hair cut! lol
Aug 6, 2003
Actually, my (new) serpent star climbed up the wall of the tank and jumped off near Pudge. Pudge then moved towards it, touched it and jetted away.
More pictures of him and his beloved stick (found it behind my desk, washed it of).
I saw Pudge sharing his den with the yellow-tailed blue damsel a few times, and when he was in the tank with the seahorses at the LFS he kind of "rode" them around their neck. Not really an octo that goes around and eats everything in the tank; he's more of a bully.

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