planning another tank

Apr 20, 2005
I am planning to set up another tank but am not quit sure what to get. Here is what is what is on my list.

O. viened
O. vulgairus

I now this is a little soon to be thinking about getting another octopus but I love the darn things.
Hi Clownfish,

These are large octos and hard to get, too!
Why don't you think of a bimac as your next octo? They have many good qualities.

LOL might as well stick a GPO in there too :)

Its good to plan ahead, one day I'll be looking for some of those species too, not yet though
I now theys are large octopus but I realy would like a more active octopus. I am planning on setting up a 100 gallon tank soon. witch is big enough for a viened or a cyeana. also bigger octopus mean more planning witch is one of my favorite things about fish keeping. my current octopus will be moved up to a 65 gallon tank and my 30 gallon will be for food. the more we keep theys wonderful octopus the more we can understand there needs and reqirments. if I do end up getting a vulguris it would be put in a 200 gallon but most likely it will be a viened or a cyeana. I enjoy whatching large octopus. I would realy like to take it to the next step. by the way dont GPO's need atleast 500 gallons

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