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Nov 19, 2002
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Just wondering if there are any other places in the world named after Cephalopods? Here in Utah we have Cephalopod Gulch, named because of the abundance of Triassic ammonoids found there.

Map of Cephalopod Gulch

40.7733N 111.8349W


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For what it's worth, about 20 miles from me at Ashford in Kent (UK) there is a farm called 'Squids Gate Farm'. I suspect they probably farm dairy cattle or crops, not vats full of cephalopods. Pity.

Similarly, at Sheerness also in Kent there is a street called 'Nautilus Drive'.

Couldn't find anywhere in the UK called Moroteuthis. Another pity.
Mantle Street

There's a street in Plymouth called Mantle Street. One of the local schools have had the kids paint underwater scenes on the wall there. And guess what, a big yellow octopus makes an appearance.
Not exactly a place name but a Restaurant called 'The Ammonite'! Cool!

I don't suppose a restaurant called Phylloceras heterophyllum would attract much trade.

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Kalmar is an old (but still active) port city, on the southeast coast of Sweden.

Kalmar is one of two Swedish words for squid, the other one being bläckfisk.

I bet there are quite a few non-English placenames that refer to teuthids, because most other languages have produced better-sounding words than "squid."

Where did "squid" originate, anyway?


[She quickly morphs into bipedal form and reaches with one limb (still bearing vestigial circular marks where the suckers were reabsorbed into the palm) for the dictionary lying on the desk where her tangled, dripping tentacles were draped just moments before.]

S.... looking under S for squid.... etymology.... [stupid inefficient woodpulp leaves, why did these ignorant bipeds stop carving elegantly in stone....]

:squid: :read:

Yikes -- nothing under etymology but a big question mark! Time for a netsearch....

Cephalopod Place-Names...

In Santa Cruz, California, there is an alley officially called Squid Row, and then of course, gorgeous British Columbia has The Octopus Islands, which includes a Provincial Marine Park.


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