pics of hex eating clam

Feb 24, 2005
managed to snap a few shots of hex when he jumped on a baby clam shell and meat together weighed about 2 ounces and was bigger than his head)... i put the clam in and he didnt even notice it till i started poking at it with the feeding stick then he decided he didnt want me to have it so he rushed out he rocks and grabbed it.


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he likes to move around with the tenticals rolled up underneath its body... and kinda uses the rolls as big wheels. i dont know if this is a vulgaris habit or if its a result of having 2 legs ripped off and now holding them up for safety. so young and already very interested in bottle caps toys etc.
Wow, I like the coloration a lot on the last shot. If it's definately Vulgaris, this is gonna be one of my favorites on here. On young Vulgaris photo's and on documentaries, they do roll their tentacles up a lot....but they seem to of course have thicker arms than other species like Briareus. Their mantle full grown isn't so small either...usually balanced in proportion with the arms. Please don't let any Japanese people try to take it for cash after its grown up, lol. Over 11,000 tons are eaten a year down in Japan.
There is no way that's a vulgaris, there's an obvious eye spot. I'm almost positive you have a bimaculoides(based on the chain pattern)
Some Vulgaris species have eyespots as well...very noticeable too when their skin turns greyish and plain. This can be seen in the Ultimate Guide Octopus video when Dr. Jean Boal at the NRCC is showing a small vulgaris in a tank. I had a book about marine life that had 2 pages on octopus and showed vulgaris pictures...which had light grey skin w/ blue eye spots.

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