pics of Bimac

Nice pic! Sam is certainly a fine little bimac! Looks like she has lots of clams waiting for her for dinner. Is she still eating mainly clams and snails?

Yes she is! She is eating around 20 snails and 20 clams a month now. I scatter them so she can free feed. I will send you an email of what i have
Hey db:

Sam is a cute little bimac. How long have you had him/her? out of curiousity, what type of snails do you feed?

Oh yeah, make sure to enter your ceph tank into the OCTO database on the main page if you haven't already done so. Thanks for sharing the great pic.

Yeah, you guys are like neighborhood parents with babies who will all be going to the same kindergarten when they grow up! It's like a playgroup. :biggrin2:
I a lucky to have a seafood market here that sells live food. She eats live escargo snails and clams. Right now she is going thru about 40 snails and 20 clams a month. I got her on Feb 25, 2003. She has doubled her size since then.
Does she have the strength to open the clams herself? I've been thinking about getting some to put in my tank for Roxy, plus my sea star would eat them too. What size are you getting? I believe about Sam doubling in size, I've had roxy 9 days and I know she's already bigger.
Sideways, She has always been able to open clams. The clams i give her are BTW 2-3 inches in dia. All of them she has no problem getting open. She seems to like the snails better tho. When I got her last batch i found out that they fish market will be getting live squid in soon. Question - can i put live suid in the tank for the octo as a food source and if so what do they eat? I put live phytoplankton in for the clams and the snails eat algea. I would like to get squid if it is a food source but dont want them to die off and ruin the tank balance.
Hi Sideways,

Better buy just one clam as a test. When I learned that Sam was eating clams, I bought one for Ollie. He hadn't the faintest idea what it was for;, even though I let the clam live there in the tank for about two weeks. (The pencil urchin knew it was food and climbed all over it, but was unable to open the clam.) So it seems to depend on the individual bimac - maybe you have a clam eater like Sam.

Good luck!
Well I stopped by one of the local fish markets and they had small clams, scallops and mussels. I thought the mussels would be the easiest to open and they were the cheapest so I bought 5 for fourty one cents :smile: I put 4 in Roxy's tank for her and the Forbes sea star and one in my other tank that has a Chocolate Chip star. Within a few minutes, Roxy had one of the mussels in her cave working on's been almost 30 minutes and she hasn't gotten it open yet but she hasn't given up on it. I think she can do it, she just has to figure out how.
Live Squid? I'm curious as to what species they are, and what kind of tank they are keeping them in... I was under the impression that squid wouldn't do very well in any small tank as they need to be jetting around, etc... Please let us know when you find out!

ok went by the market today and they have a huge tank ready for these squid. In this market the tanks are huge, i mean huge, like over 150gals, i know one has to be 500gal and they have allkinds of stuff in them. They have clams, scallops, oysters,etc.... They even have the blue crabs i use to catch as a kid in galveston in different sizes. But i will see what kids of squid, she said they kill them right there on the spot for her customers, just like they do the crabs, so they have to be kinda big, wouldnt you think? I dont know but i always get a kick out of going there and just walking around. Will let you know when i get them.
hey there im kinda new to tonmo and forums for that matter and im wondering where i can view these images you speak of. i run into threads where folks discuss pictures of their octos but there never seems to be a link or theyre never within the thread. if you could get back to me it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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