Photos need for new The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets album


Apr 12, 2004
...and you'll have to trust me, this IS relevant to squid and!

We, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - Canada's (and some say the world's) premiere Lovecraft tribute rock band - are very close to finishing recording for our new album, called "The Shadow Out of Tim." The entire album is a narrative, about a marine biologist named Dr Timothy O. Vess, who becomes possessed by one of Lovecraft's famous creations - one of the Great Race of Yith - and a bunch of crazy stuff happens. I want to do the interior layout of the CD as a sort of dossier-type style, with photos of people and maybe some props that are consistent with the story. See for a sample of the sort of thing I mean.

What I specifically am looking for are photos of the main characters - namely - (1) Dr Vess, (2) his research vessel the R.V. Steadfast (complete with bathyscaphe) and (3) Commodore Davey (of the Royal New Zealand Navy - yes this story takes place in NZ and the waters around it).

So, if you have the rights to any photos that you think would work, with or without digital modification (aka photoshopping) I would very much like to hear from you. There's a copy of the CD, a free octopoidal t-shirt (see samples and an architeuthis light switch in it for you - not to mention album credit.

Also - Steve or Kat do you or someone you know and love have rights to photos with you guys and some archi? Help a rockologist out?

And y'all will be interested to know that certain namesakes of TONMOers are offed by cultists in the story.In a good natured way of course!

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