Photo of Prince Oglepus

May 14, 2004
:oops: Once upon a time, there was a prince that loved writing poems to ananymous women of his country. One day he accidently stumbled off his sail, fell to the deep ocean, and was missing for such a long period of time. The whole country searched for this prince. His name was Prince Oglepus. Everybody looked everywhere in the land. Little did they know that there was more to look other than land beyond.
As Prince Oglepus (Rex) sunk deeper into the depths of the ocean, he noticed a mermaid floating passed his eyes. This was no ordinary mermaid though... The mermaid looked like some evil witch mermaid. So She touched his head, and with a shock, Prince Oglepus Rex heard her voice through her touch that triggered his hearing senses in his mind. She said with an evil wicked witch of the west accent, "Double Tubble, pois'n bubble, you shall turn into a cephalopudle... Unless you kiss a woman's lip, you will never see the end of a wick! he-he-he-he!!!! :x :lol: " So when he noticed that he could see better, he was astonished to see such a big fish body float away from him. Then, he realized it was the mermaid witch, but she was like "twenty leagues under the sea times" bigger than him. All of a sudden he noticed he had stretchable 8 danggling legs. He was so stressed that he inked like never before when he used to write his poems with the ink pen.
As Prince Oglepus Rex, jetted through the water, something finally clicked in his intelligent cephalopod brains. He remembered what that mermaid witch told him. So now he had a destination... one that he was determined to accomplish. He knew that he had to find some woman... crawl :mrgreen: up to some woman sleeping on the beach... and kiss her with his suckers and beak.
When Prince Oglepus Rex reached to the shore, the waves brought him closer to the rocks. From there, he piered for lots of women on the beach, especially the ones with the vibrant bikini's. There was one woman he noticed, and she was so sexy, that he was close to inking again. So Prince Oglepus Rex slithered from one rock to the next. The journey took almost twenty leagues under the sea minutes, BUT :heee: he finally made it. She was snoring... so he knew this was his chance to take. He was dehydrating, but still he struggled to crawl up passed what seemed to feel like mountains of height. Alas!!! he made it on the woman's lips!!!! So he stuck on her lips, kissed it, but accidently knawed a piece of her lip. She awoke with the urge to yell, but it was like her hand was on her mouth, so nobody heard her scream. Prince Oglepus saw her eyes wide open... but all of a sudden he watched them close again. He rapidly crawled back to the rocks. Thank god for her saliva that made him not as dehydrated as before. So he was able to get back to the shore safely.
About twenty leagues under the sea minutes, Prince Oglepus realized that he had to swim up and gasp some air. He finally realized that he was himself again. So he swam ashore. He searched for that lady again, but she could not be found. He asked around if anybody has seen the lady with the vibrant bikini... and a bloody lip.
All of a sudden a lady comes up to him and says that she passed away in the morning of that day. He asked her how she died. She said that it look like some case of vampire that bit her... not on the neck, but on the tip of her lip. :jester: He slowly walked away feeling miserable. So he went back to his kingdom, ashured everybody that he is back safe, and he went to his room to write his poem of the day.
The END... :notworth:
slow day at work was it? LOLOL

nice pic!

maybe Tony can move this to the octopus den???
I actually made this story while I was....

... just about to go to sleep, but then I couldn't because I drank lots of pepsi. All that caffeine just gave me a boost of ideas about this octopus story. My mind was thinking about the past during the kings and queens time, then all of a sudden switched to some modern time beach. Anyway, I thought if there was such thing as cromatophores making round circles, I don't see why it can't make any other shapes, like squares, triangles, or even heart shapes. Well, does it look real though???:?:

I wasn't at work

Colin said:
slow day at work was it? LOLOL

nice pic!

maybe Tony can move this to the octopus den???

Colin, I can't play around like that at work, and what sucks is that there is no internet access. I hardly get a chance to make stories up or pics up like this. But I take the chance when I have the time... usually at nights when I can't sleep. I don't have to be at work till like around 11:00 am, so that's why I am up a little late. It's pretty cool to show some octopus love to this site. I've been checking out this site for years. And I'd like to show more of my octopus art work. I used to have a bimac the size of a tennis ball. I bought when she only had 7 legs, so I called her 007 (double- 0- 7). Since she was a bit old already, she made eggs right away and died. I was close to hatching them by heating up some saltwater, putting it in a jar along with a little batch of eggs (after the sterilized saltwater cooled off). I watched them grow in their egg cases for a few days, but I quickly put them back in the tank when tiny stuff ate them slowly.
Nancy said:
You're pretty talented with photos! Your heart-covered octopus would make a perfect pic for Valentine's Day!

Yeah, it would be a good valentines day pic. I don't know why I chose hearts... I didn't really think square shapes would look nice on an octopus. Anyway, thanks for giving me your thought about it :wink2: A lot of girls out there doesn't like octopus, but that doesn't keep me from not liking them. They think I'm weird to like octopus as pets. It's good to see that this site catches a lot of people that have the same iterest as I do.
flipflop_2k :)

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