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[Photo]: Mr. Kaefer's cuttlefish, thanks Deebz


Staff member
May 30, 2000
TONMO.com member Deebz has submitted the picture below for our Photo Gallery. According to Deebz:

My Marine Biology Teacher, Mr. Kaefer, finally got cuttlefish. They're the most amazing creatures on the entire planet! Their flamboyancy, their methods of hunting (my camera wasn't quick enough to get a shot of that. I'll have to time it next time...), just their overall existence fascinates me! Well to the point, I decided (not knowing whether they'd ink or not) to snap photos of them. As usual, after the photoshoot, I decided to send them to TONMO.com so all lovers of cephalopods can view them. (By the way, the other photos of the Cuttlefish already posted on your site are AMAZING! Give compliments to the photographers)...

Thanks for the contribution Deebz, and thanks to Mr. Kaefer for letting us see his cuttle! I like the camouflage displayed here.



TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Hi deebz,

what species of cuttle is it? Any idea????

Here's a pic, dunno if you have seen if before? but it was of one of my cuttles catching food from my fingers... that wa a difficult shot like you said...