Peter B Kilian (pkilian)

Yeah! It's a lot of fun to be involved in some of the research side of things when it comes to ceph keeping. It's always exciting to be able to learn something new about our little friends.
Hi everyone! This coming Wednesday (Nov 18th) I will be giving a presentation titled "Exploring the Octopus: How to Learn from Animal Behavior" at the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council's monthly guest webinar series!

Here is a link to the webpage that details the talk.
Here is a link to the signup page!

The presentation begins at 8pm EST (the time they list on their website is Hawaii local time) and should be about an hour long. The webinar is free to attend and just requires a short registration in order to be able to attend. I look forward to seeing some of you there!

The presentation will also be uploaded to YouTube if you aren't able to attend on Wednesday.
This was my perfect relax-before-bedtime time!
Very informative, clear, and educational, I understood everything even if I have no biology background.
I think the high point of the presentation was the way the octo moves when the lights are out...I never had the chance to witness it and it was extremely interesting...
So according to your definition of intelligence, nautiluses are among the smartest animals on the planet! :nautilus:
I was very intrigued with the jello technique...I was thinking if we could somehow apply it to train an octopus. It would be cool if I could make smelly toys or smelly objects that would encourage or discourage an octopus to do or not to do something....I have already tried tricking the octopus by rubbing fresh fish to objects to make them more appealing and it surely works but the process is smelly and disgusting...
I was amazed with our different approach to the plural form...As a writer, I definitely care and my eyes are in pain when I read octopi:bugout:
The squids are really cute...I wish I could visit your lab one day...
Well done! You are truly a great presenter!
I'm a bit late on this but here's a new manuscript from our lab that features some of my work, check it out if you are interested in squid and octopus chemoreception! Let me know if you have trouble accessing the document and I can send a PDF.


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