Passed the big 1K

Jul 1, 2003
Just wanted to congratulate the webmaster and all the staff on passing the 1000 members mark. That's pretty cool you know. I hope you're all feeling really proud about this, and the site in general. Love your work. :glass:
Thanks so much! I hope we're all feeling proud, it's really such a great community and I enjoy it thoroughly.

Fortunately for me, I begin a new job on Monday -- so I won't be as visible / available for the site as I have been in recent... months!

I'm very excited about my opportunity -- but I will miss logging in throughout the day, every day, as I have been. But the weekends are mine, as are some weeknights, so I'll be around. Together with the capable staff, we'll all continue to ensure remains lively and active and informative, with your help, of course!

So yes, yay! 1000 members! Don't blink or you'll surely miss the next milestone...


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